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I hate New Year’s resolution and full gyms in the first week of Jan. So I decided to up my gym game for the last 5 weeks of the year. I usually work out 5-7 times a week. That’s something I started 1,5yrs ago, and until then I used to be a total opposite of a sporty type. Getting sore muscles from carrying my bag kind of the opposite. Which just proves that everyone can become whoever they chose to be if they decide to.

Why it's such a big deal?

Here’s the thing: I never did any workout program from start to finish. I usually just pick and chose my exercises from a few different programs, or follow my hubby (because he’s a workout geek who got me into sports), I add running to it whenever I feel like I need to clear my head, and yoga when I need some slower movements.
I guess I like to keep my workouts unrestricted & a bit spontaneous. And it works for me. I see the results. And I believe that finding out what works for me (not what other people are doing) is exactly what keeps me coming back to the gym.
However, I think the idea of finally going through the whole program has grown on me. So I decided to go through a full 5-week program I’ve been eyeing for a while.

What’s your experience with workout programs? Maybe that’s something you want to try as well?

In case you are curious, I decided to go with x5 Intensity by Pace and Go on Grokker, but you can choose whatever program you want. It seems like there’s a bunch of the good ones out there.

How did it go?

Okay, so here’s the thing: When I started the program I thought it would go smoothly and I’d be sharing a success story with you. But then life happened. So I’ll be honest:

  • The first 2 weeks went pretty smooth.
  • During the third weeks, I skipped 1 workout (because of menstrual cramps)
  • At the end of week 4, I started feeling sick-ish, but I pushed through it.
  • Then I tried to pretend that I don’t have a sinus infection, but I really did. ( I’m not talking about “I didn’t feel like it” scenario because I haven’t been sick for the last 3 days.) Anyway, I had to put my workouts on pause for a week.
  • So I didn’t finish my 5 weeks plan in 2018. I did it a week later. But that’s okay. It’s still is a win!

Workout Program Pros & Cons

  • The exercises are getting more & more difficult every week which is a cool way to see the progress & get used to the routine.
  • There’s a plan so that you know exactly what workouts you’ll be doing any given day.
  • The program keeps you accountable because you can clearly see the whole plan and what was done.
  • The plans usually take into consideration the whole week, so you’re not overtraining certain parts of your body vs. when doing ad hoc exercises.
  • Following a routine, getting things done, and being able to tick off another training (Oh dopamine, I love you!)
  • I measured my results at the very first and last day of the program, and my results have improved, which was a perfect way to finish this whole thing.
  • The exercises are getting more & more difficult every week – just saying
  • I felt way more disappointed when I couldn’t do my daily workout when I knew that it’s impacting the whole program. But maybe sometimes that’s actually a good thing as it keeps you accountable.
  • There are always some parts of the program that won’t be your cup of tea – things that you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise. So if you are not a sporty type and just starting to build the habit of working out, don’t beat yourself up for not liking them. It’s okay.
  • Make sure to check out the program before you sign up for it. Every trainer has a different style, personality or dynamics. I tried & loved the program I committed to, and I believe that it was a huge reason for staying with it till the end even after I put it on pause.

Was it worth it?

Overall, I liked the whole program thing. I definitely want to give it another chance to finish it at one go. But I also want to mix ad hoc exercises that give me more freedom and fun with the programs that are pre-planned. But that’s me. And honestly, I believe that you should try for yourself to see what works for you. Because when it comes to sports, each of us is different & gets motivated by different things. But the goal is the same: just keep moving so that you stay strong and healthy! And how you prefer to do this is entirely up to you!

You’re reading this post land it’s not mid-November any more?

So if you like the workout program idea, but you didn’t start it 5 weeks ago (sometime mid-Movember 2018) as I did, don’t worry! It’s never too late to jump into a workout program at any time of the year.

And if you’re not really an athletic type (neither am I) but want to strengthen your muscles, feel more agile like you used to before your days started including lots of sitting – I got your back!
My hubby (a.k.a. my very own personal trainer) started a free Facebook group where he’s sharing his super cool 4 minutes long daily workouts. Yes, it’s only 4 minutes of sweat time & you’re done. So if that’s something that sounds good to you – check out his Facebook Group.

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