Watching Sunrise



How someone who hates getting up can become a morning person?
Here’s my trick (feel free to try it out):  find something exciting that is worth getting up for.

I was doing a really good job in the spring & summer because I was going for morning walks every day. But only if I got up early enough. And it was awesome & worked like magic. I kept getting up at 6 am every freaking day.
The morning sky, empty streets, cold air, abundance of possibilities, new energy… It’s like the world saying: “I’ve been waiting for you to get up!” Or maybe it’s the morning dehydration talking, but it’s kinda magical anyway.

But now with colder months, morning walks are not that appealing anymore.
And  I stopped getting up that early (working from home problems). But I kinda want to.
So I decided to look for something else. And I think I found it.

Watching a Sunrise!

Now after the clock shifts to standard time, the sun rises slightly before 7 am in Toronto.
Which means that If I get up 6.30-ish, I get to watch it while drinking my morning coffee.
This idea was so appealing that I decided to try it out for a week & take it from there.

And this is what I’ve learned:

  • Every sunrise is different. A week ago I thought that sunrise is just a sunrise. But during this week it turned out that it’s always a different show. Sometimes it’s colorful, sometimes it’s gloomy, sometimes it’s full of light, sometimes it’s just rainy, but it’s always amazing! And it never gets boring!
  • Don’t worry if the weather is not perfect, or high-rise buildings block your views (like they do mine). It doesn’t matter. It’s still going to be magical. Don’t save watching the sunrise for holiday pics on the beach. Just grab a coffee & give it a try! Maybe even do it daily? Yeah, I know that would be so crazy 😉
  • I especially like waking up early on weekends because everybody else is asleep, there’s no construction noise, and it feels like mother nature is throwing this amazing spectacle just for you! Seriously, this stuff is amazing! It makes my gratitude levels go through the roof!
  • It’s a special “slow-down-morning” moment. It’s the time when I’m not sleeping, but I’m not fully awake yet. It gives me time to put all the fake urgencies on pause, be grateful, think about the power of the Universe, and just enjoy the moment. Have you ever experienced that? It’s a damn nice way to start the day.
  • Life is all about the little stuff. Mother nature keeps putting this beautiful sunrise spectacle for us every day. But somehow we don’t value it that much. Maybe we believe that there will always be another chance to watch it tomorrow. Maybe we just value our morning sleep more. I don’t know. But waking up to watch the sunrise for a week not only makes me want to see it on a regular basis but also enjoy more of the little stuff that happens every day.

Let’s wrap up. Was it worth it?

So I really liked this challenge.  Watching a sunrise is a great way to:
– get out of bed,
– start a day, and
– adjust to getting up early.

Sure it’s not all rainbows & butterflies to leave that warm bed in the morning. But once I do, there are no downsides! 

Doesn’t it make you want to try it? Just wake up, grab a coffee & see how it goes!
Also, see the pics below. ⬇️
Oh, and let me know how it went – I’d love to hear all about it!

Morning Morning rain Blue & Pink Sky Colourful sunrise Sunrise Become a morning person

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