Art Gallery



Winter weekends can be tough for trying new things.⁣
Especially if you're not a cold weather and winter sports enthusiast.
But don't worry. I'VE GOT YOU!⁣

You know what places are nice, warm, and regularly offering new experiences? ART GALLERIES.⁣

Okay, I know that museums and art galleries may not appeal to everyone. ⁣

Maybe you simply haven't seen art that resonates with you?⁣
And researchers say that viewing art is really good for your brain.

How was it?

I kinda love art galleries but often find it hard to find companions to go with. ⁣So even though I live in Kelowna for almost a year, I've never been to Kelowna Art Galley.
So for the first time, I went solo. And it was freaking amazing!⁣

  • First off, it's pretty relaxing, almost meditative - entering a quiet place like a museum forces you to SLOW DOWN and UNPLUG.⁣
  • Then, you stay still and focus on one artwork at a time. So you start feeling CALM, CENTERED, and MINDFUL.⁣
  • And going alone allowed me to take my time and get fully IMMERSED. And get inspired by badass women of the Okanagan region.⁣
  • Also, I got into surprising art chats with strangers, which I would never do if I was there with someone else.⁣

So it was PRETTY COOL.⁣

And according to scientists, a trip to the art gallery is totally worth it.

Why? Among other BENEFITS:⁣

  • Viewing art increases CREATIVITY, MEMORY, and CONCENTRATION. ⁣
  • It clears your mind and LOWERS ANXIETY & STRESS. 
  • And most importantly, the act of viewing art that we consider as beautiful GIVES PLEASURE comparable to romantic love (seriously, that's what scientists say)! 

Are you convinced now?⁣
Or were you already an art enthusiast?

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