Visia Skin Analysis



We all know at least one thing we tried that we wished we hadn't. Right?
Because let's be honest: trying new things is risky. Sometimes it goes wrong. 

And this post is about one of those cases.

So here's the thing:
I'm not big when it comes to beauty products & skin care. And the idea of a stranger touching my face for an hour makes me nervous. I can barely get my brows and lashes done. 

But I also feel the importance of taking better care of my skin.
So I got quite excited when I learned that there is a machine that scans skin to tell you how to take better care of it. It's called Visia.

In the act of self-love, I decided to make an appointment & try it out. And I did. But now I wish I didn't.

Why? Because Visia Skin Analysis was depressing AF!

What's so depressing about VISIA Skin Analysis?

The results of the analysis show the wrinkles, pores, UV spots, brown spots, and red areas, which seemed like a good thing in theory.
But in reality, it looks like one of those apps that beautify your pic, but in reverse. There are a couple of different views that focus on one problem each. So you get the image of your face literally covered in spots, and veins. All your wrinkles highlighted and marked with lines. All the pores are made visible. But that's not all of it!

We get so worried
about being pretty. 
Let's be pretty kind. 
Pretty funny. 
Pretty smart. 
Pretty strong.

Britt Nicole

Then it ranks you against some other people in the database to tell you how badly you're doing. What?! Why? How do I even know they're real?
It also compares your real age to the age of your skin, but the nurse quickly skipped that part when she saw the fear in my eyes. Then obviously she tried to talk to me about some treatment recos, but my head was spinning so fast, I could only say that I need some fresh air. The amount of shaming and scaring the hell out of me clearly went through the roof. I'm happy I recognized my feelings, took control over the situation, and left. But even after stepping out I couldn't shake it off for a while.

I was thinking about not writing about it here at all. 

So why I decided to write about it?

Well, I've been walking with all the feels for a while. And then I heard Brené Brown say that the number 1 shame trigger for women is appearance and body image.

And it all made sense. Visia skin analysis (in this case at least) was just another way of the beauty industry, trying to make women feel bad, old, and ugly. Inciting fear. Making us believe that something is wrong with the way we look or age. Shaming us into thinking we're the only ones who do not have this figured out.

That's a super effective sales tactic! Well, maybe in my case they took it a bit too far.

And then I got scared thinking about how many women are tricked by it. How many women make an appointment to take better care of themselves just to be shamed and pushed into buying things they don't need. How many women are made to believe that they are not pretty enough, not young anymore, not smart or rich enough to follow whatever the latest beauty trend is.

And it's NOT okay!

You've probably been here too. Because when I shared this with women on my social media, I got tons of horrible stories like this. From beauty, to makeup, to diets, to clothing - the same shaming and scaring tactics are used.
That's why I want to call it a BS!

Judgment, comparison, and misinformation in order to reach sales goals, are never okay! Training sales people to be rude and close the sale no matter what by making women feel bad about themselves is not okay.

And let me tell you: You don't have to fit the mold. It's okay to age. Wrinkles can be cute and are a privilege - a sign of life long enough to appreciate it.
Also, it's okay to take care of our bodies, to use treatments and what not. But this all should come from the place of love, not the position of fear.

Let's talk about women appearance and aging

Because the more we talk about it, the more people are better prepared in case it happens to them. And maybe even one-day people would be impressed by the beauty of women with all the wrinkles and fine lines, the same way we admire the aging face of Brad Pitt, and George Clooney's grey hair. I say it's high time for this kind of world!

So what do you think?
Are you also sick of being told what the never aging standards are?

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