Play a Tourist



We just had family visiting us, so obviously we were showing them around. We hiked trails, visited a pumpkin farm, explored new areas and revisited some of our favorite spots. It was kind of refreshing to see the city in a new light.

And I realized that even though we're still relatively new to Kelowna, we don't have that tourist approach anymore.

Like you know - you live somewhere, so you start skipping all the "touristy" places, and you think that there will always be time to visit the tourist information center & all the art galleries. But then you never do. Like I've never been to Warsaw's biggest landmarks even though I lived there for almost a decade. Don't judge me. But seriously. There's never the right time.

So let's change that!

Even if your family is NOT coming to visit. ⁣
But if they were, what are the awesome places you would take them to see?⁣

How to be a tourist in your own city:

  • Start with the obvious - a tourist information office. They usually know what's currently going on & what are the places that tourists love. So check it out. Don't forget to grab a bunch of leaflets & maybe even that touristy t-shirt or a snapback hat.
  • Then pick up a few attractions that interest you the most, make a plan & go play a tourist in your city. ⁣ 
  • Check out parts of the city you've never been to and appreciate things maybe you didn't even know were there.⁣ 
  • Things you may want to put on your list: galleries, churches, museums, stores, restaurants, breweries, parks, trails, libraries, community centers, etc.
  • Don't feel like doing it alone? Grab a friend or a partner & double the fun. Or even invite a group of friends & play a guide, How awesome would that be?
  • And don't forget to take obligatory photos of all the cheezy landmarks on your way!

PS. If you ever want to visit the beautiful place I live - make sure to follow me on Instagram as I often proudly show it off in my stories.

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