Superheroes in Hospital



Having to stay in the hospital is never fun — procedures, tests, boredom, loneliness, not even to mention the food.

So when I came across a local group of volunteers called Random Acts of Costuming visiting our local hospital in fun costumes, I knew I want to be part of that!
This weekend, I joined them for the first time.⁣

How was it?

I'll be hones, I was a bit stressed at first. ⁣
I mean it's a hospital, I'm weird when it comes to small talk & don't really have a lot of experience with kids.
But seeing smiles on everyone's faces wherever we went quickly made all that stress go away. ⁣

Getting into the patient's rooms, we were the distraction they clearly needed. ⁣
Some just wanted to talk. ⁣
Some asked us to get a photo with them. ⁣
Some really needed a big hug. ⁣
Everyone needed to laugh. ⁣

We visited kids who were spending their days alone in beds, whole families trying to adapt to the hospital life as much as they could, friends supporting friends, seniors waiting for their procedures, and the real superheroes, a.k.a. hospital staff.

The best summary: I've never heard so many people saying "my day just got better" within 2 short hours. ⁣
So hell yeah it was worth it!

And, as always, I encourage you to look for a similar group of superheroes in hospital in your neighbourhood. And really, it's not only superheroes. Clowns, mascots, and royals are needed too! 

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