So you have some extra time this weekend? Check your talent DNA with StrengthsFinder. ⁣

Have you heard of it before?⁣
I learned about it years ago, but only now got to finally take it. And actually, it's called CliftonStrengths now. ⁣

And you might have noticed that I'm raving about personality tests quite a lot - Enneagram, Love Languages, MBTI... So you might be thinking: "Why Another one?" ⁣

Well, I believe that self-discovery is the first step to living your best life. You need to know who you are, what you like, what you're good at to be able to take it from there. ⁣

And obviously, you learn all that by putting yourself in a variety of situations, trying new things, carefully observing yourself & asking for feedback. All true. ⁣

But tests give you something extra. An outside perspective, a frame, a clear differentiation & words that you can put all your experiences & observations to. ⁣
And honestly, they're all different. Even though I took so many, I still get surprised & learn new things from each one. So it's defo not the last personality test I'll be talking about. ⁣

Okay, but why StrengthsFinder? ⁣

Why StrengthsFinder?

Somehow in a tough situation like now, we all need to feel good about ourselves & focus on our strengths. Don't you think? And that what StrengthsFinder is all about. It discovers & names natural areas of your excellence. ⁣
Focusing on the Top 5 strengths that are super unique to you. Like one in 33 million chance that someone else has the same Top 5 in the same order as you. How cool is that? ⁣

I took it on (Gallup) for $50. Quite expensive for a test. But comes with tons of reports & resources, like personalized 25-pages report, 20 min e-course & Strengthsfinder 2.0 e-book. ⁣

I haven't go through all of that yet (it's way more materials than any other test I took), but what I really like is the personalized tips specific to your results. Even the e-course focuses on your own report and asks you for your particular strengths at the beginning.

So if you're bored at home, this test will keep you busy for a while. And it seems like a tool that you can use for months to keep yourself growing.⁣

So what you think about it?
Will you take it?
Or maybe you did already?

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