New Thing #36:


Did you know that there’s a bar in NYC that you enter through a phone booth?

Seriously! You walk into a hotdog shop which looks just like any other hole-in-the-wall kinda place. Then you enter the phone booth, dial the number, and wait. And then you learn that one of the walls is actually the door leading to the small hidden bar! 
How cool is that?

Apparently, it’s one of the speakeasies a.k.a. secret bars that were built during the Prohibition when selling alcohol was illegal. So the information about the unlicensed bars was passed through word-of-mouth only.

Now the speakeasy bars are more about having fun getting there than illegal booze. And you can use google to find them.

But they still seem to attract crowds as there are quite a few of those around the world.
And bars are coming up with all the weirdest entrances you can imagine. Sometimes you need to pass through the kitchen, knock on the unmarked doors, or move the bookshelf. All that effort to be able to buy the drinks. 🤷‍♀️

Have you ever been to one of these?

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