Simple Pleasures

New Thing # 14:


To celebrate the fact that life is all about the little everyday things (that we tend to underestimate), my New Thing # 14 is a simple pleasure.

Ever since I’ve heard about fried plantains, I felt like I need to try them. 👩‍🍳 Believe it or not – I’ve never had them before. Did you?

Anyway, trying new things doesn’t always have to mean anything huge & out of comfort zone. Broadening our horizons may as well be fun, enjoyable & yummy! 😃
Bonus points: research proves that simple pleasures help us stay stuck to our goals & progress on our to-do lists. 🤓

So today I invite you to join me by doing something new that is super simple and feels oh-my-gosh-so-freaking-good 😊
It doesn’t have to include cooking.

Here are some of the simple pleasures ideas you can try:

  • Just smell the orange peels,
  • take a different route to work,
  • watch a new comedy show on Netflix,
  • go to a dark sky area and watch the stars,
  • try on clothes that are totally not your style,
  • sip your hot chocolate very slowly & mindfully…
  • or do that thing that you always wanted to try but are constantly putting away.

Do it this weekend – maybe even today!
And obviously, let me know how it went!

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