Do you find it difficult to show up on video? 



Do you find it difficult to show up on video?

Because there's something about posting videos of myself that I can't get over with. I don't know. I feel like a lot of people have that weird feeling. Even though we know that other people may need to hear what we have to say. And I can do videos with other people. Just the talking head type of videos with nothing but my face seems to be hard for me. Do you have that too?

Anyway, I know it goes away with practice. So I'm putting it here as a challenge for myself to record & post more videos on social. And maybe it will inspire you to do more of that too. So are you in? Because who knows, maybe we'll love it?

Get Out Of A Rut Video Series

So I decide to go all in and create a whole new video series about getting out of a rut on my Instagram & Facebook.

It's about going from being bored and stuck in a rut, to gaining confidence, building courage, getting massive clarity on where to start and what to do next, to finally being ready to take action and bravely try new things you were longing for!

And if you're wondering, my first video is about the fact that trying new things is an intuitive solution to get out of a rut. No doubt about it! But sometimes it's simply not enough. See the video to learn more!

And if you like it - leave me a comment. I'm a sucker for those. Always.

PS. Here are those links again: watch it on Instagram or Facebook.

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