Besties Trying New Things



When I was setting up 100 NEW THINGS accounts on social, I had this dream for an online community of women who try new things together. For two-ways, multiple-ways, or even all kinds of ways communication that's unfiltered, fun, raw & real. And I love social, all the DMs, stories, friends I meet here. 

⁣⁣⁣⁣But I felt like I was missing something.

⁣⁣⁣⁣I got asked about creating a FB group, a podcast, a newsletter...

But it didn't feel right at this point. I⁣⁣It didn't feel like a place where we can talk, like really talk, deep convos & stuff. ⁣⁣And not only me talking at you, but group discussions, support & "I feel that way too sometimes" kinda stuff. 

So I was super happy that other women who answered my survey, craved that community too (remember that survey I was running as my New Thing #53? because it helped me so much with getting a really clear idea of what people like you are looking for in terms of trying new things⁣⁣).

ENTER.... Online Besties Trying New Things 

⁣⁣A beta group program for women that are bored of the same old shit and want to try new things with other fun women by their side. ⁣⁣

When I open to this to the public, I will be charging for it. ⁣⁣But for now, I offered it for free for 5 women in exchange for feedback, so I can make sure that it works, and it's giving you what you need.

And we started today.

  • Was it exciting? OMG! Yes!⁣⁣
  • Was it scary? A bit. ⁣⁣
  • Was it spontaneous? A lot. ⁣⁣
  • Did everything work as I planned? No, the first minute & nobody could hear the music I wanted us to move to.
  • Was it worth it? Totally! This group is fire! Inspiring, energetic, getting ready to try new things. Honestly, all that I could hope for & more. 

Learnings For You

  1. ⁣⁣If you're stuck - ask for feedback
  2. If you crave community - go & ask around
  3. If you want to try something, take the first step even if you don't feel ready.⁣

Cool! But what is this Besties thing exactly?

It's a fun online community and accountability BFF group in the form of a 4-week program for women who are tired of the same old, same old & want to go from: "I am afraid I won't be good enough at it, I'll fail & people will judge me" to doing all these exciting things you've been wanting to do with courage & confidence! You know it's time to move on!⁣⁣

We meet once a week for a live online 60-90min group meeting on Zoom. We have a private Facebook group for daily support, brainstorms & giggles. And who knows, maybe for finding new things trying besties for life! ⁣

sounds like fun?

Besties Trying New Things


4-week fun online community and accountability BFF group that helps women to break free from their routine by trying lots of new things and finally enjoy adulting.

Yeah, this is like the cool girls gang from teen movies only we're adults and it's real life.

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