Visiting New City

New Thing #22:


There’s something magical about visiting a new city. A city you’ve never been to before.
You have very little idea of what to expect, even if you’ve done your research.
Places look different than you expected. You can’t take things for granted.

It’s easy to get lost. But it feels okay to wander.
Every step is almost like you’re exploring the Moon.

You actually start using your senses again.
Watch people walk by. Hear the city sounds. Follow the smell of the food. Touch the walls. Read the signs. Notice more things.
It makes you slow down. Be mindful. Appreciate life.
Am I right? Or is it just my wanderlust craving?

So here we go! We’re flying to Vancouver. I’ve never been there before, and I’m super excited to see the West Coast of Canada.


Visiting Vancouver was truly magical! If you ever have the chance, go and see by yourself. The city is just between the Ocean and the mountains. And you get to see both from downtown.

You can go on a walk just by the water in Stanley Park passing beaches, looking at the sunset, and enjoying the outdoors. And then you can go back and grab a bite in one of many cute restaurants in mesmerizing Gastown, authentic Chinatown, or take a ferry to Granville Island Public Market. Seriously, it's worth visiting! Just look at the pictures!

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