Dream Destination



Some people can live their whole lives in one place and love it. But some just enjoy moving. Which one are you?

I realized that I already lived in over a dozen different houses (and I don't even count longer stays in Airbnb's or moving for summer jobs). But whenever I moved, I always had a reason: school, work, assignments, opportunities... 
But this is the first time I moved for pure pleasure. ☺️

Why do we wanted to move?

Our surroundings influence how we feel. And I do love the big city buzz, but we've lived in big metropolises for over a decade now, and it started to become too loud and overwhelming.

So we've been looking for a place that would feel good & match what we love to do (great outdoors, beautiful views, lots of sunshine, but also all the city conveniences).

And at some point, we came across this place and decided to take the leap.

I enjoy moving.
I like to be in a new place.
Settling down 
doesn't appeal to me much. 
I like the whole business of it. 

And I love the first night
in the new place. 

Ruth Rendell

Was it easy?

Of course, I had my doubts. Maybe I was even scared sh**less. 

You see, I lived in smaller towns before & never really liked it. Leaving Toronto gave me a lot of FOMO. We just started getting used to that place. Not to mention the packing, moving, and the additional 3 hrs time difference making it even more difficult to catch my parents awake during the day. 

(By the way, you may want to check the post I wrote about the 6-days road trip we did to move to Kelowna.)

But I strongly believe in living our lives to the fullest.
In experiencing as much as possible in the time we're given here on Earth.
In proving times & times again that we all can live the lives of our dreams. 

Was moving to the dream destination worth it?

So here we are in our new home, waking up every day grateful AF & pinching ourselves to make sure it's not a dream. Running along the lake in the morning, walking on a beach as our new after work activity, and enjoying breathtaking views on the daily. Feeling like we're always on vacation. What? Yeah, it was well worth it!  Just check out my Instagram Stories to see how awesome my new home town is.

How about you? What is your dream destination to live? Are you there yet?

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