Movies Solo



Have you ever been to the movies just by yourself?
I just realized that I cannot recall ever going alone. Not that I even gave it much thought before. But for some reason, I associated it with a social thing.

And I’m pretty sure that I skipped a couple of films I wanted to see, but I knew my husband or none of my friends would enjoy. I might have also forced Michal to go to a documentary movies marathon during which he fell asleep. Can you relate?

But now, trying all the new things, I decided to pick a movie and go alone.
And it turned out great! Didn’t feel awkward even for a moment. I even unapologetically cried during the saddest moments. No shame whatsoever. Just a feeling of being okay with going places alone.

But it got me thinking: why it took me so long?
I guess there are certain activities that we feel comfortable doing with other people, like going to the movies, dining out, or taking a trip. And either we don’t even consider for a moment that we could as well do them by ourselves. Or maybe we even feel a bit intimidated or afraid of being judged by others when doing them solo. I don’t know. But I feel like it’s real.

If you don’t normally go to the movies alone, here are my 3 tips:

  • Make it as effortless as possible. Pick a movie theater that you know, reserve plenty of time to get there, and chose off-peak hours if possible. Don't experiment with too many new things at once. In this way, you can enjoy the experience without getting overwhelmed.
  • Get it all set up. Choose a movie that you really want to see and buy your ticket in advance. This will prevent you from bailing out last minute.
  • Enjoy it! Focus on how cool this experience really is. I received many comments from people who actually prefer going to the movies alone. I mean, just think about it: you don’t have to share your food, no one judges you for finishing your popcorn before the movie starts, you can sit where you want, you can use both armrests, you don't have to coordinate time schedules, nobody talks to you, you don’t have to feel obligated to make conversations, you can  just lose yourself, and you can unapologetically cry whenever you want.

So think about it. Have you ever wanted to try something but ultimately never did it because no one would go with you? Would you consider doing this alone?

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