Local Theater



Did you know that theater is not only entertainment, but it's actually good for you?

Studies prove that seeing live theatre increases vocabulary, tolerance, empathy, and critical thinking. And guess what? These results cannot be produced by merely reading a play or watching a movie of the play. 

But that's just one part.

The other keyword is "LOCAL."
There are several reasons why local theater is a great choice.
You can support the community, pay way less, see the actors up close (as the venues are usually smaller), and very often get a really awesome experience. 

Like the one I had with the Caravan Farm Theatre - the local theater we visited recently. And let me tell you, it was oh-so-freaking-good! 

Why? It's a local but professional outdoor theater on a beautiful farm on the unceded territories of the First Nations.
So there's a lot space, it's kind of artsy and beautifully maintained. It's like a mini vacay. You can arrive early, enjoy the outdoors, grab a drink, maybe even have a picnic, unplug, and then get captivated by the play.

Caravan Farm Theatre
Caravan Farm Theatre: local theater

And the show itself (we watched "The Coyotes" by Peter Anderson) didn't disappoint either - the story, the costumes, the actors, the music were all top-notch! Super professional, but also hilariously funny. See their Instagram for photos.

What's more, the night we were there, there was a live band concert & bonfire following the show.

In the end, we felt like we didn't want to leave even though it was way past our bedtime. And I feel like I want to live on a farm now! If that doesn't say it was awesome, I don't know what could. 

The Coyotes
Caravan Farm Theatre

Anyway, I really encourage you to find a local theater near you and visit it.
And then come here and let me know all about it!

PS: Check my Drive-In Movie Theater experience too!

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