Organic Subscription Box



Have you ever tried any of those subscription boxes that send you selected goodies every month or week right to your doorstep?
You know, like the razors thing, or beauty samples, or leggings.

Well, I considered quite a few of those.
But trying to live a minimalist kind of life when it comes to buying things, I was never sold on any of the offers until now.

Local Organic Produce Straight to my Doorstep

But here's the thing: I'm trying a local subscription box (from Farm Bound) that is delivering organic produce straight from the local farmers.
This way, not only I get yummy veggies & homemade tofu, but also I can do my tiny bit to support local farmers & businesses.
How awesome is that?

Why Is this Subscription Box So Cool?

So I get to try some veggies I wouldn't buy otherwise like spaghetti squash or green garlic that were in my box.

But it's also totally adjustable - I can skip a week, sub the products I don't want, add more things, or even just order whenever I feel like it. No restrictions whatsoever. So I have control over how much of a mystery I want it to be.

Which it seems perfect for me. I mean, if you follow me for a while, you know that I'm really into healthy, vegan, home-cooked meals.

Anyway, I've already ordered twice and I pretty happy with what I got. But I'll see how it goes & keep you updated. Don't forget to check my Stories to see what I got this week!

Also, let me know in the comments about all the amazing subscription boxes that you came around!

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