List of Things To Try


Looking for something new to do? Here's the list of the things I've tried so far in my 100 NEW THINGS TO TRY challenge. 

I hope it will inspire you to do something for the first time and find out what happens. And if you really like challenges, try 100 new things with me! Dare more, grow more, and have some spontaneous fun!

(I'm updating it every time I try something new, so you can give it a try as well!)

But...before you go to check out the list, check out my decks of cards I designed for women to inspire them to have more fun. Introducing...

100 New Things To Try Decks of Cards

  • 71
    Intermittent Fasting
  • 72
    Posting More Videos
  • 73
    Fascinator Archetype
  • 74
    Supporting BLM
  • 75
    Walking Meditation
  • 76
  • 77
    Do Something New Deck
  • 78
    DIY Self-Watering Plants
  • 79
     Fun Things Game
  • 80
     Hair Tutorials
  • 81
    Someday Destination
  • 82
    Instagram Reel
  • 83
    Human Design
  • 84
    Officially Canadian
  • 85
    Ajvar: Cook something new
  • 86
    Virtual Murder Mistery
  • 87
    Mental Health Activities
  • 88
    Gentle Goal Setting
  • 89
    Read a poem a day
  • 90
  • 91
    Moving to Vancouver
  • 92
    Grouse Grind
  • 93
    Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • 94
    Skiing in Whistler
  • 95
    Canyon Lights
  • 96
  • 97

  • 98

  • 99

  • 100

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