Learn Something New


Learn something new about one country

Do you have a favorite country you'd love to visit one day? Maybe even move to? Or perhaps you are (just like me) living in the country you were not born and raised in?

As I'm getting ready to take my Canadian Citizenship exam (please send all the nerves calming & test passing vibes my way!), I think that learning new stuff about a country you're interested in is really cool, especially if you live or want to live there one day. ⁣

Why? Well, the hard part about being an immigrant is that you don't always have the cultural context. ⁣
What do I mean by that? ⁣
You can't bond over the same childhood memories, talk about the weird stuff they used to teach at school, laugh about crappy old tv shows, or even fully understand some of the jokes, songs, or sayings.

It's not like a super big thing. ⁣
It's like joining a new company, and everyone's talking about the last year's Christmas party, and you just sit there, nodding your head.

In today's world, people move around a lot, and we can bond over exchanging different experiences as well. Obviously. ⁣
But it's nice to be able to "get it" sometimes. You know what I mean? ⁣

And understanding more about a country's history, geography, culture, symbols, traditions... is how we get this context. ⁣
And that's really cool! ⁣

So for the next couple of days, I'll be living on my sofa studying hard all the things Canada, and I encourage you to learn something new about a country of your choice. It can be the one where you live or maybe the one which is particularly of interest to you.

And if you know an interesting fact (about any country really), share it in the comments, so we can all learn!

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