Have You Tried Intermittent Fasting?




I watched Nas Daily ’s video about intermittent fasting during Ramadan to practice compassion & self-improvement. ⁣
And I found this tradition super inspiring. 

So I decided to try it for 1 day. ⁣
Not for religious purposes, just to show myself what I'm capable of, to stretch my "hungry-AF" comfort zone, and to feel for those who are less fortunate, which seems even more important during the global pandemic. ⁣
And it's supposed to be good for health anyway. (Obviously, it's not for everyone & I'm not a medical professional, so as always if you have any medical concerns, consult with your physician.)⁣

  • Now, I've been skipping breakfasts for quite a while, and eating only 2 meals most days, but never went the whole day without food. And it scares the crap out of me. But that's the point. ⁣
  • I'm still going to drink water & coffee, just no food for 24 hrs.
  • I can tell you already - it's a mental game. So keep your fingers crossed for me today!

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How Did It Go?

First of all, I made it. Which is kind of a big deal for me. And I think that I wouldn't have been able to do it a few years back. 

Why? For some reason (maybe because all my grandparents are Polish war survivors), I had this unconscious belief that if I'm hungry for too long, I'll die. I know it's ridiculous to think I'll die if I skip a meal, but hey, those fears usually don't make sense. Especially the ones that we don't know we have. 

Anyways, I started drinking bulletproof coffee instead of breakfast a few years back, and that's how I learned I even had this fear. So I believe that I worked on it before, and showed myself that being hungry is just a feeling, and nothing terrible is happening if I just don't eat till lunch.

So again, small steps turned out to be working for me. And I was able to go 24 hours intermittent fasting without freaking out. I felt pretty good throughout the whole day. I'd say that, for the most part, I was even more alert and focused than usual. But I had a few hours in the afternoon when I felt a bit weak, hot, and distracted. But it didn't last too long. Also, I had a coffee and drunk lots of water. And I think that helped a lot.

Now, I can't even imagine doing that for a whole month and without anything to drink. So I really respect people who do it. And I think that I'll start adding those 24 hours intermittent fasting into my routine.

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