Okay, so it's a bit weird to write this now with this whole coronavirus stuff going on. And I was thinking about not posting it, but I think there's something in it worth talking about.⁣

So two weeks ago, I was on a walk and spontaneously bought tickets for a game of hokey. I've never seen one live despite living in Canada for 4 years. But we were about to take our Canadian citizenship tests, and hockey is a big thing here. So I thought it's freaking high time to see the game. ⁣
And it turned out super exciting - sitting at the edge of the seat & let's-do-it-again-soon kinda thing.

So I was planning to write a post and encourage you all to give it a try. But I was busy with all the learning for the exam. ⁣
And now it makes no sense. All the games are canceled, and most of us are social distancing. I mean you can still watch hockey on tv, but that's totally different.

So I thought that maybe I shouldn't write about it at all & just move on and share new things to try when you're stuck at home (and I obviously will). ⁣

But this last-minute hockey game got me thinking about all the things that we want to do, but we postpone for "someday" because we believe we still have time. ⁣

And moments like this with all the COVID-19 unexpectedness are a wake-up call.
‣ The time to redefine our values. ⁣
‣ To see what's important & what doesn't really matter at all.⁣
‣ To honestly admit to things we postponed for "someday" that we wish we had done by now.⁣
‣ To think if the fears of looking silly or being too "X" or not "Y" enough are still valid.⁣
‣ To plan and look for ways to can start working on our dream projects using the extra stay at home time.⁣

Think about it.⁣
And most importantly, STAY SAFE!

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