New Hike



The idea behind 100 New Things To Try is that you can take my list and run with it on your own whether you live in Kelowna, Kansas City, or Katowice. 

And this one here is exactly like that.

Obviously, you may not have just moved to the new city, as I did. But I'm pretty sure that you can find a local trail that you never hiked. Am I right?

It may be super short - I don't care. Adjust it to your needs. And just plan it, grab some water, and go for it. Hike a New Trail! 

Why Hiking Is So Good?

Because it's not only a fun thing to do. It's also really good for health and wellbeing! Just to mention a few:

  • Obviously hiking is awesome for building muscles, improving balance, lowering blood pressure, and reducing risk of heart disease.
  • But did you know it's good for your bones too? Hiking improves bone density as it's so called weight-bearing exercise. Seriously! Add extra water bottles to your backpack for extra points.
  • But hiking is not only beneficial for the body, but also for mental health. Hiking lowers stress, improves mood, and increases happiness levels.
  • Our brains love it too. Hiking improves ability to focus, creative problem-solving skills, 

My recent new hike had beautiful views of the lake & led to the tiny beach, which was an awesome surprise during the hot summer day. 

So if you don't have plans for the weekend, why not going for that new hike? What do you say?

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