Do you have a sport that used to bring you tons of joy, but somehow you quit doing it? ⁣
For me, it's winter sports - skiing and snowboarding.
I'm not a pro in any of them, but I love how they clear my mind. Maybe it's something about trying to stay alive and avoiding humiliation that gets me too busy to think about anything else.

Anyway, it's been years since I've done any of those. So having the ski resorts less than an hour from home now, I knew I'm going back to all kinds of snow sports this winter. ⁣

I started with skiing, and it was a bit intimidating at first, but overall pretty easy to get back to.⁣
But snowboarding is totally different. ⁣
Maybe because I never really perfected it. So last weekend, I decided to really go back to basics. ⁣

How did it go?

I started at the beginner's slope. Yes, with all the fearless toddlers & magic carpet lifts.  It was humbling, as my brain seemed to forget everything snowboard related at first. And I mean literally every-freaking-thing. And getting off that belt lift almost gave me a heart attack.

But after a while at the beginner's slope with Michal's patient guidance, it started to come back. So I moved to the regular green run. And I found comfort in seeing that I'm not the only adult learning & trying to survive on the snow.
And a few hours in, I was snowboarding like never before. Like something in my brain finally clicked, and my body "got it" somehow, which is a cool experience. ⁣

Obviously, it included lots of falling and shutting off the chair-lift every time I took it. But who cares about minor stuff like that, right? And there's nothing that a big smile & "I'm SORRY" wouldn't fix.

So overall, it was tons of fun and pure joy, and I can't wait to go back once my bruises & muscle soreness go away.

Do you have a sport that you want to go back to? ⁣
Or went back to after a long break already?

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