Garage Sale

New Thing #35:


Throwing perfectly good stuff away only because it’s slightly used scares the shit out of me. 😱

Yet, I’ve never done a garage sale before. 
I mean, it’s a very American thing, totally non-existent in where I come from. I’ve sold my things but never made an event out of it. Have you?

So, we decided to get rid of our stuff before the big move and organize kind of a garage sale in our unit.

How to prepare?

  • We posted information in advance on our building’s forum which I really recommend. Include a picture & the list of some of the items that you’re be selling.
  • Plan the event for Saturday (people have more time & tend to run errands on that day = bigger chance to get people to come)
  • Specify hours (10 am to 1 pm in our case) to avoid stretching the time when you have to be at home
  • Tape reminders in all of the elevators and throughout the common areas
  • Leave the door to the unit open – so people would be more willing to pop in
  • Arrange items by price (free stuff, $2, $5, >$10) to make it easy to navigate

We didn’t know if anyone would even show up. But when we opened the door at 10 am, there were already people waiting. Which was super cool!

Was it worth it?

  • I’m surprised by how many people came & how much we were able to sell, which is obviously helping us to get rid of items we no longer need & put a few bucks back to our wallets at the same time. 🤩
  • What really seemed to work was showing people around & explaining some of the items (what they are, how they work, and why they’re so amazing). Luckily Michal is a natural when it comes to explaining all things.
  • But I’m mostly amazed by the social aspect of this whole thing – we met more neighbors in one day than during almost three years we lived here.

So guess what? We totally loved it! How about you?

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