Four Tendencies



Have you ever wondered: 
Why it seems like all your friends buy houses at the same time? Or why this one friend of yours nails all their New Year's resolution? Or why the other one questions why people even make them? And why some people always do the exact opposite of they are asked to do?

Well, apparently it's all because of THE FOUR TENDENCIES.

What is Four Tendencies?

So according to Gretchen Rubin, there are OUTER expectations (requests & deadlines imposed by others) & INNER expectations (our own plans & resolutions).
This leads to 4 ways of how people respond to expectations.

The Four Tendencies

  • 1
    UPHOLDERS respond to both outer and inner expectations. They are the ones who love habits & New Year's resolutions. 
  • 2
    QUESTIONERS are all about inner expectations, so they question all expectations & meet only the ones that make sense to them. They need to understand the "why?" They are the ones who always question the whole idea of New Year's resolutions.
  • 3
    OBLIGERS meet outer expectations, but struggle to meet inner expectations (these are the people who really need accountability, personal trainers, and deadlines). They are the ones who do things not to disappoint others.  
  • 4
    REBELS are all about choice & freedom, so they resist all expectations (both outer and inner). When there is the slightest chance, someone wants them to do something they won't do it, even if they would actually want to. 

How do I know my Tendency?

The cool thing about knowing your type is how you can use it to stick to habits, make better decisions, be more productive, or understand yourself & others a bit better.

You can take a super quick free quiz online to determine which type you are & read more about it.

In my opinion, it's worth the 2 minutes effort. 

So have you taken it? What type are you?
By the way, can you guess what type I am? 

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