Floating Pods

New Thing #1:


Have you ever tried Floating Pods?
You know, the special tanks that you lie in, filled with water and lots of Epsom salt, which makes you float. 🌊🛀
Haven’t tried them yet? Keep reading!

Floating therapy – what is it all about?

So the idea is to remove all external distractions and turn off all your senses (the fancy term is sensory deprivation).
So when the pod is closed, you float in total darkness and silence. Also, the water is kept at body temperature all the time, so you feel as if you are in zero gravity.
Which sounds both exciting and terrifying. 🙈

I wanted to give it a try for a while now, but I was also a tiny bit nervous to do it. Okay, maybe I was scared sh**less but I still wanted to do it.

The hard part – I had to wait for this idea to grow on Michal. Well, can’t really blame him for thinking it’s another one of those hippie nonsense ideas of mine. But I thought I might freak out if I do it on my own.

Finally, we did it!


And floating was WAY LESS SCARY than I imagined!

  • We got an orientation video once we booked our sessions
  • We chose the pods that look more like BATHTUBS, not those tiny, coffin-like ones
  • The bath was only filled with maybe 20-25 cm of water, so I knew I could just sit up anytime I wanted
  • The session lasted for 60 minutes, so there was plenty of time to ADJUST SLOWLY: I floated with the doors open, lights and music on for maybe 5-10 minutes. Then I slowly started hitting those buttons on the side of the tank and turning the sound and lights off. At some point, I became brave enough to close the door. And let go of holding anything.
  • There were some Buoyancy Aids provided. I used the floating aureola to support my head for some time, but then I realized my neck is getting tired of it and I let it go as well.


So Was It Worth It?

  • The whole experience was pretty cool. It was really relaxing and quiet (in a nice way). 😌
  • I’m freaking proud that I was able to overcome my fears and float in total darkness.
  • I really liked the silence part because of big city life 🙉
  • 1 hour didn’t seem too long.
  • I didn’t fall asleep (which I totally thought I would), but I couldn’t fully let go either. I’m not a pro in meditating, but I’m able to let go way more during my meditation sessions. But I guess this is because the experience was new for me, and probably that’s why they recommend to repeat it regularly.
  • Once the session was over, I didn’t feel like I was super relaxed right away, but when we left, I felt way calmer, less tense, and this feeling continued hours after the experience, which was really cool.

Overall, it was totally worth trying.
So if you haven’t done it, check it out.
I’d especially recommend it to people who are looking for deep relaxation or want to start meditating but find it hard to do.
Also, it’s kinda cool to get this zero gravity feel. 🤩
But honestly, floating is just like getting a massage – the real benefits can be felt after a few sessions.

So what do you think? Are you going to try it?
Tell me all about it!

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