First Day Hike

New Thing #19:


How do you feel after the Christmas week?
I usually feel like I really need to move my body — especially this year when I got sick and had to put my workouts on hold for the whole week.

So when I got the email from Ontario Parks talking about the First Day Hikes – I was hooked! Especially that I’ve never done it before. Never even heard it’s a thing. Have you?

What’s a First Day Hike?

If you haven’t – it’s the program of New Year’s Day guided hikes that originated in the US a while ago.
And now going for a walk on New Year’s Day is more like a family tradition that many picked up.

And it’s so cool! I mean what’s a better way of kicking off the New Years than getting outdoors, moving your booty, and connecting with your loved ones & nature at the same time? 😍

Was it worth it?

So I took my husband on a hike exploring the Bronte Creek Provincial Park valley & it was awesome!
So much fresh air, that I fell asleep right after we got home! I think we’ve just established a new family tradition today. I mean the hiking, not the sleeping part. 😉

Hope you like this idea as much as I do.
And if you didn’t manage to go on the First Day Hike, you still have 364 other days to catch up!
Have a great 2019! 🎉

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