A test that tells you what makes you fascinating⁣

Fascinator Profile


Fascinator Profile

Are you trying to build your personal brand? Start a business? Or do you just hang out on Instagram, trying to keep your profile consistent? ⁣

Wouldn't it be awesome to take a test that tells you how the world sees you? And most what makes your brand fascinating?⁣

That's what the Brand Fascinator Profile (by Sally Hogshead) is here for. ⁣

It's like a personality test, only for your brand.⁣ 

But honestly, all of us are building our personal brands - as an entrepreneur, freelancer, Instagrammer, coach, or even an employee. ⁣And wouldn't it be awesome to know what to focus on when you show up?

Interested? You can start with a free Brand Fascination Profile to get 1 top brand advantage & 5 words that best describe your brand. It will give you some ideas on how to present and market yourself.⁣ Take the assessment at brandfascination.com that is free, but focused on the brand of your business. Still, worth a try.

Or  if you are more interested in looking at how the world sees YOU and the unique differences of your PERSONAL brand, you can take the Fascinate test paid version (that's the one I did) for $55.

It came with the full report and excellent insights into my strength as a brand that, in a nutshell, is NEVER BORING BUT ALSO ZERO DRAMA. Always shining a new light & bringing a sense of adventure to ordinary situations. ⁣

Duh! I mean, you can see it's pretty accurate. And it helps by providing a really specific lingo. So I do recommend it. ⁣

Let me know what your brand is all about!

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