Fall Camping



Okay, I know people go camping all year round, even in winter. But the latest I ever camped was August. So camping in the fall with the night temperature falling to 2C (36F) is quite extreme to me. Even if we talk car camping.

The thing is we not only survived 2 nights in the cold, but also it was a really amazing experience. 
Fall camping = colorful leaves, crackling fire, nice hiking weather, fewer people, zero insects. 

However, it requires preparation.

So here’s the list of things that worked well for us.

  • 1
    BOOK A GOOD SPOT: If it’s your 1st-time fall camping, choose a car camping with ELECTRICAL CAMPSITE & HOT RUNNING WATER  in the comfort stations. Well, at least I did & it made the whole experience way more convenient.
  • 2
    ARRIVE EARLY to set up the tent before it gets dark. Just saying bc we didn’t do a particularly good job on this one. Also, bring a FLASHLIGHT. 
  • 3
    INSULATE THE TENT. We used a sleeping pad, but a trick is to put a space blanket on the floor for extra insulation. Also, hang a tarp above the tent in case it rains.
  • 4
    COLD-WEATHER SLEEPING TENT + THERMAL LINERS. Make sure they match the expected nighttime temperatures. And still, pack an extra blanket just in case.
  • 5
    LAYER UP: thermals, sweats, waterproof jackets, gloves, scarves, hats & socks are a must. Before you go to sleep, have the next day clothes handy so that you can warm them up in your sleeping bag in the morning.
  • 6
    BRING PLENTY OF FIRE STARTERS. The wood may be damp & nobody likes setting up a fire for hours.
  • 7
    BRING ENOUGH FOOD & WATER. Some of the stores & canteens may be closed /have shorter low-season opening hours. We invested in one of those expandable water jugs to make carrying water so much easier without buying tons of plastic every time we camp. We also took our coffee machine (#dontjudgeme) & insulated mugs to enjoy hot coffee in the morning.
  • 8
    SMALL ELECTRIC HEATER (& extension cable). I was skeptical about it at first because heaters can be dangerous. But it really does make a difference. Even if you turn it on just for a while. However, play it safe: be sure it is for indoor use, has safety shut-offs & you’re following safety precautions.

Other than that – just enjoy it & have fun!

Was any of the tips surprising? Let me know if you have other tips!

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