Drive-In Theater



Have you ever been to a Drive-In Theater⁣? ⁣

I must admit that I have a thing for all things that scream American nostalgia. And if drive-in theater⁣ isn't one of those, I don't know what is!⁣

So when I've heard that there's one just an hour or so from where we live, I've been nudging Michal to go. And we finally did.⁣

We didn't do much prep. Packed some healthy snacks we had on hands, grabbed our camping chairs & blankets, visited an ATM along the way (as they still take cash), and off we went. ⁣

Was it worth it?

Well, I must admit I was a bit sceptical if it won't be dated. But it wasn't. They obviously play on nostalgia, but in a good way. We loved it! ⁣

The movie was quite funny (we saw The Secret Life of Pets 2 in Starlight Drive-In Movie Theater), the sound was amazing (I didn't expect that), our camping chairs & car seats were super comfy, and our neighbors were all super nice & well behaved (Duh! I mean we're in Canada after all). ⁣
So the whole experience was pretty awesome! ⁣

I liked the fact that you can be outside for the whole time. Families played before the show, people were sitting on their camping chairs out of their cars or at the back of their vehicles. At some points, it felt even a bit more like camping that cinema.

We only didn't like two things:⁣
1. all the unhealthy snacks in the concession bar (fast food & candy, so it's good we always travel with food) &⁣
2. not taking the bug spray (so we had to stay in the car for the most part, but it wasn't a big deal really).⁣

But all that can be effortlessly managed. So we'll be back for sure! ⁣
How about you? 

Drive-In Movie Theatre

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