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The days of doing the "same old stuff" are over!

a fun deck of cards

Do Something New Deck  is a fun deck of cards for women who are bored with the same old stuff and want to try new things on a daily.

You know that this fearless, curious, and spontaneous kid you used to be is still there. 

But you’ve got no time to come up with ideas for new things to try on a daily.
Because even the most badass doer needs some inspiration every now and then.

So you end up watching Netflix, scrolling social, and doing the same stuff that you always do. SAME STUFF EVERY-SINGLE-TIME. SOOOO BORING! And it SUCKS.

YOU need some cool ideas for new things to try whenever you damn well felt like it. 

You want to have an easy way to inspire you, to challenge you, and, most importantly, to make trying new things super easy for you EVERY-freaking-TIME!

Well, guess what?
You’re looking for a fun way to do new things, and here's a deck of cards that do just that.

Say hello to the...


The fun cards that let you bring more new experiences into your life!

Do something new every day with this super cute 52-cards deck without spending tons of time thinking about what to do.

Order now for just $27!

THIS is not just a deck of cards. This is a deck for an EXPERIENCE SEEKER, a GROWTH MINDSET ENTHUSIAST, a FUN-LOVING BADASS.

Do New Things Cards

With the DO SOMETHING NEW DECK  you’ll:

  • Bring a sense of adventure to ordinary situations because you have 52 cards to chose from. Oh, and they are designed so that you can pick the same card many times, and it will still give you a new perspective.
  • Never fall into ruts and be ready to try something new anytime, because you can go from yet another Netflix night to trying something new in 30-seconds flat. Just pick a card, and do whatever it says.
  • Make everyday experiences fun, because the Do Something New Deck is super EASY & FUN to use, so you don’t have to worry about searching for ideas, and you can enjoy your free time!
  • Use it the way YOU want because you can just simply pick a card or make it a bit more New Age-y and set an intention to see what comes up for you. 
  • Get a new ritual because you can pick a card everyday when sipping on your morning coffee, after work with your family, or occasionally when it rains on the weekend.

Yep, the Do Something New Deck is a deck of cards for EXPERIENCE SEEKERS who want to DARE MORE, GROW, and HAVE FUN. You-know-what-I-mean?


Try New Things
  • COLOR-CODED so you can choose from one category, or at random. It's up to you.
  • LIGHT & SMALL so you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • RE-USABLE - made out of durable card material and designed so that you can use one card multiple times and still have fun with it.

Get them now for just $27!

This is definitely not some ordinary boring cards. I know because I created this for busy experience seekers like ME!

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Domi Hanc

Hello, I’m Dominika, a formerly predictable adult who stopped taking life so seriously and is now in love with my spontaneous, silly adult life.

That’s right, after I got sucked into a serious corporate job, waiting for the weekend to live my life, I finally realized that I don’t want to wait for ONE DAY to live my life. 

Instead, I boarded the plane toward the sunrise of my badass life and later challenged myself to try 100 NEW THINGS (including floating pods, meditating at 4am, and snow tubing) and it was THE BEST thing I could have done! I started documenting my personal challenge on a blog and social media and I realized I'm not the only one refusing to become another boring adult stuck in a rut.

But trying new things and being playful daily can be crazy hard.

It’s easy to come up with a couple of things, but doing it on a reg takes a lot of time & commitment. And I wanted an option that is quick, fun, and easy.

So when people started asking me about cards with inspiration for new things to try, I listened closely. I resisted it for months, gave it a lot of thinking, and finally decided to give it a try.

And I created the Do Something New Deck!

THIS deck of cards is a cool way to bring courage, joy, and spontaneity back to people’s lives, and I want YOU to OWN IT.

That’s why you can get the sweet price if you ORDER right now!

{THAT’S JUST $27!}

The Do Something New Deck is for busy experience seekers LIKE YOU. So what are you waiting for?

Say goodbye to the same old stuff.

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