do nothing ⁣



So many people are doing awesome things these days - showing up more, creating spaces for clients, going live on social every day, creating offers, webinars, video shows, etc.

And I realized I'm on the other spectrum of this. ⁣

Usually, I'm out there trying new things & working on a thousand ideas. ⁣
But not now. ⁣

Now I'm stepping back. ⁣
I'm carefully selecting the information I consume. ⁣
I'm tired, overstimulated & overwhelmed by all the content that's bombarding me on social. ⁣

On the one hand, I feel a bit guilty for not showing up & supporting you more. But on the other, I believe that our bodies & minds give us hints about what we really need right now. ⁣

Maybe you're in this weird place too. And I'm here to tell you that there's no right or wrong. ⁣

So instead of trying a new exciting thing, I'm stepping back for a few days & letting myself try doing nothing for the first time in a while. This means social media detox too. ⁣And I'm not going to feel guilty about it. ⁣

What Does Do Nothing Mean?

Here's my plan: I want to give myself space to be creative, take my time, and not be influenced by what others are doing. ⁣
I'll be sitting in my beach chair with my Christmas mug, staring out of the window, recharging, meditating, taking long baths, hopefully taking walks & listening to Einstein's biography by Isaacson (I do recommend it BTW). ⁣
Maybe I'll even convince my husband to build a fort in our living room & eat all our meals picnic style. ⁣

And I encourage you to take at least the weekend off from all that's going on. ⁣

Make it a real staycation. ⁣
Relax, take it slow, sleep-in, do nothing, or do the things that bring you joy, spend time with loved ones (even if only through Facetime for now), do whatever makes your heart sing in this chaos. ⁣

How Did It Go?

I took a week off for staycation & social media detox. And it was just what I needed!⁣

A break from too much news, feeding creativity with books that are not business or growth-related, creating space for new ideas, and binging on the new season of Ozark.⁣ We built a blanket fort and I spent tons of time there recharging and relaxing.

I can't believe that I keep forgetting how powerful taking a break really is.
And I highly recommend it these days, even if it's just to get some sleep to make up for the extra stress. So use the upcoming weekend to recharge if you can.⁣

PS. No, this stuff in my ears is not some fancy airpods. These are cotton balls because I'm a grandma when it comes to treating earaches & I didn't remove them for the pics bc I thought this would make you laugh.  Enjoy!⁣

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