Create and profit from your own unique paper-based product!

a deck of cards, a planner, a workbook...

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Paper products are great assets to add to any business

But they may be confusing & overwhelming if you've never done it before

Hi, I'm Dominika and I successfully created 3 decks of cards during the pandemic. And now I teach other women how to replicate that setup for their own products in their respective niches.

I recorded a call with some of the former students of my Paper Product-Based Biz program where we spilled the beans on how much $$$ I already made on cards, what are the most common mistakes people make and what are the things nobody talks about when it comes to designing, manufacturing, marketing, and running a business selling paper-based products.

You don't want to miss it!

Paper products Fit into & compliment many businesses

Watch the recording to learn how you can benefit from creating a unique paper-based product that you can sell over & over again including while you sleep. 

Get instant access to the free recording

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