Vegan Cheese

New Thing #34:


Have you ever taken cooking classes? Did you enjoy it?

I know it may be hard to imagine in this day and age, but I had obligatory cooking classes in primary school.

While this may sound like a good idea, it really wasn’t. Mind you, this happened in a small town in post-communist Poland. So the course lasted a whole year and was taught to girls only.  The boys were learning how to build bird feeders & fix pipes, which seemed way more interesting to most of us trying to prepare & serve a new meal in under 90 minutes every freaking Wednesday.

Anyway, this sexist memory was the only thing that I had in mind when thinking about cooking classes. So when I heard about vegan cheese making classes at The Depanneur, I decided it’s time to change this & take a cooking class for adults who actually want to be there.

Was it worth it?

And I’m so glad I signed up for this experience because tickets for this event are disappearing faster than Instagram Stories. And if you ever quit eating dairy, you know that cheese is like the holy grail. Not because they don’t exist. But because it’s tough to find a good-tasting one and the search for it is quite an expensive journey. It took me a while to find a few I really like.

And this class was not only a pleasant experience filled with tons of vegan cheese but also:
– we learned a ton (about chemistry in cooking, ingredients I had no idea existed, and where to buy them)
– we made all kinds of cheese (feta, parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar, soft cheese – seriously!)
– we got samples to take home (does it get any better?)
– it was the first time that I was in the company of someone whom I met through this project. And I’d love more of that in the future!

So yeah! I totally recommend cooking classes now. But make sure you find a good teacher and a class that interests you. I mean something you really want to learn how to cook.

BTW, should I come up with something that we can try together as a group?

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