Childlike Fun

New Thing #11:


HAVING FUN is one of my 3 reasons for trying new things (besides courage & growth).
Because let’s be honest, at some point in our lives, we stop playing, and we start being those responsible adults with an endless list of chores & bills to pay.

So I’m trying to consciously include playfulness & silliness into the new things I try. And I had to check out the new pop-up experience in Toronto called HAPPY PLACE.

It’s like a playground for adults meets an Instagram heaven. There are staged rooms where you can have fun & take adorable photos. I mean nothing can beat playing in the Confetti Dome, or jumping into the Pool of Plastic Balls.

It’s not as easy as it seems

And as much as I loved the experience, I was shocked that it wasn’t easy to be totally care-free in front of a bunch of strangers. I mean, obviously, I knew there would be people there. But I didn’t expect to feel like everybody’s watching my silly Instagram faces while waiting for their turn to snap a pic.

Well, I do snap lots of pics & stories, but it’s not like I’m doing donkey kicks on stage on a daily basis.

So the first few snaps were kind of awkward. Everybody was super friendly and all that (it’s Canada after all), but it just feels a bit weird to do Instagrammable poses in public. And while sober. Doesn’t it?

Anyway, I kept going. I started playing, throwing confetti, making silly faces, and being childlike.
And guess what? After a while, I lost myself in the play. I was having fun, enjoying the experience & ignoring the stares. After all, everybody else was there to do the same, not paying that much attention to me.

Was it worth it?

After an hour or so, I felt energized, rejuvenated, creative, relaxed, and free. All the feels I remember from childhood. I had so-much-fun!

So here’s my challenge to you: incorporate more play into your life. To be childlike, forget about who might be watching & just do something for the sole purpose of feeling pure joy!

And it doesn’t have to include experiences like mine. It could be as simple as throwing a frisbee, coloring, tobogganing, jumping rope, playing with a dog.
So what do you say?

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