Broadway Show



Do you think that traveling is the synonym for trying new things? Because I totally do!

So I’m back from our short trip to NYC, and I feel like there are so many new things to try there! 

This time l learned that there are bar entries hidden in the phone booths (see my previous post), Cher is way more than a singer (I’ll elaborate on that below), and that it’s possible to meet your Polish friends accidentally in the High Line Park (I mean, it’s a 9 million people kinda city, what are the chances?)! 

But this post is about Broadway. Isn’t is one of those things that has New York written all over it? And I’ve never seen a Broadway show before. 

And guess what? I just got to see the perfect thing – The Cher Show

The Cher Show

It’s all about trying new things, succeeding, trying something else, failing, reinvented oneself, and trying some more. It’s about finding the inner strength even when you’re super shy. It’s about dreaming of going big and then going even bigger. It’s about staying true to oneself & never giving up.

Also, I learned a lot about Cher herself. Because, as you can guess, it’s all about her life story. It took 3 actresses to portray Cher. But it worked out great in my opinion. Each actress is representing a different time of her life (Babe, Lady, and Star) but it’s not linear. The characters intermingle and support each other. And it’s so interesting!

I don’t know how good is your Cher knowledge. But in Europe (a.k.a. how I knew her), she is known as a singer, and I had no idea she had a prime-time tv show, performed on Broadway, got an Oscar, is the fashion icon refusing the conventional female role, and is still touring at the age of 72! Raising hands emoji all the way, girl!

By the way, music in this show is incredible! And they have it available on Spotify (recorded by the cast). I love to listen to it during my workouts or when I’m cooking. It’s guaranteed to pump you up! Side note, I wasn’t aware I know so many Cher’s songs!

Was it worth it?

So you probably guessed I loved The Cher Show. I don’t really know how it compares to other Broadway shows, but this one is a lot of fun! The cast is amazingly talented (which I suppose is a common theme for Broadway) & the show is super entertaining. We even ended up dancing.

Oh, and one little thing that shocked me as I’ve never seen that in theatres – you can have drinks & food during the performance. Is this an American thing or what? Please, let me know!

The Cher Show
Cher Show Drinks
The Cher Show Theatre

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