Besties Activation Club
Besties Activation Club


Get out of a rut and live your best life!

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Everyone knows the difference between being stuck in a rut, feeling numb, lifeless, and on auto-pilot versus feeling the energy, vibrancy, joy, life force. Feeling alive AGAIN. The first one is what I call the HIBERNATION Mode, the latter ACTIVATION Mode.

If you feel like you’ve been in Hibernation for way too long and you’re ready to step out of it now, YOU 'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

The days of feeling like you're just moving through the motions are over!


  • BESTIES ACTIVATION CLUB is for women who are tired of being STUCK IN A RUT, fed up with going through life half-asleep, and BORED WITH THE SAME OLD STUFF. (Screw that HIBERNATION mode!)
  • BESTIES ACTIVATION CLUB is for those who crave to DARE MORE - build courage & confidence, GROW - have massive clarity & take action, and HAVE TONS OF FUN that go with it!
  • BESTIES ACTIVATION CLUB is for people who want to find COURAGE to finally go for things they were dreaming of for way too long (that new project, half-marathon, or maybe even a new job) even when those things may not seem like a big deal for anyone else, but they are for them (like go running alone, learn how to drive, speak up during a meeting, show their face on social media).
  • It's a fun online COMMUNITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY group. Yeah, this is like the cool girls gang from teen movies only we're adults and it's real life.
  • Every month, you'll get calls to tell you where to start and support you to make your Dream Project finally happen, new Activation Tools to get you out of the Hibernation, and a GROUP of other women, so you don’t have to adventure alone.

If that's you, keep reading, because you're going to freaking love this!


This is COVID-inspired FOUNDING MEMBERS version of my 4-week program BESTIES TRYING NEW THINGS. 

  • It means that I've never run it before in this exact form. But I feel like now is the time for making it even more about COMMUNITY and AFFORDABILITY. This is a beta version, so it won’t be all polished up, but it’s going to be a smaller tight-knit community and a lot of fun. It's a living example of showing up for things I believe in without waiting for being ready (a.k.a. exactly what all this membership is about). 
  • I see this membership as a  safe place where women  can DARE MORE, GROW, and HAVE FUN. A community of women who encourage each other to bravely try new things they are longing for without being held back by fears or some other BS.
  • Join now as a founding member, so that you can be a part of making this OUR amazing community. And you are getting a special FOUNDING MEMBER PRICE (and you'll be locked in at that price as long as you remain a member). How awesome is that?

Most of the people are stuck in HIBERNATION mode where they don’t fully live their lives and feel bored and stuck in a rut. That’s when they go grab that new blue coffee to feel like they are trying something new and fixing the problem. It gives them the short-lived excitement, but it's  not really working, and things go back to the same old stuff. Because the real problem is that FEAR OF JUDGMENT and the "TOO-X-BS" (“I’m too X for this”) are holding them back from trying the new thing that they really need to do. 

Are you stuck in the SAME OLD STUFF and want to change it BUT you think you can't because:

  • You're TOO shy, TOO tired, or whatever "TOO X" comes to your mind.
  • You simply DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START and DON'T HAVE TIME to figure it out.

So time goes by and NOTHING CHANGES.

But the truth is that EVERYONE can go from HIBERNATION to ACTIVATION. From feeling numb, meh, and bored to feeling energetic, playful, and excited. Feeling alive AGAIN.

Oh yeah, and everyone includes you too, girl! You can build COURAGE and CONFIDENCE, you can get MASSIVE CLARITY and take ACTION, and you can HAVE TONS OF FUN with it! 

Sadly, it's not always easy to get out of the Hibernation Mode all alone. And I don't want that to stop you. 



A fun monthly membership program that will help you break free from your routine by intentionally trying new things and finally feeling alive again.

Put down that blue latte because you’ve got better plans.

The days of passing through life in a passenger seat are over!

BESTIES ACTIVATION CLUB is all about rediscovering your curious, brave self and doing all the exciting things you’ve been wanting to try so you can finally enjoy being a badass adult. It's a place talk things through, and a safe environment to try new things you've been putting off for "one day."

And it's oh-so-good!

Kennethia Shalon

More determined to push myself

I am a self proclaimed self-help junkie, and I still learned a ton from Domi and this group program. I can't recommend it enough!
I'm more aware of the ways I hesitate before leaping. This new awareness makes me more determined to push myself.

KENNETHIA SHALON    //  Mindset & Goals Coach

With Besties Activation Club you can go from being bored and stuck in a rut, to gaining confidence, building  courage, getting massive clarity on where to start and what to do next, to finally being ready to take action and bravely try new things you were longing for.

And of course it's going to be lots of fun and giggles! 

Activation Pathway
Activation Pathway

Here’s what you get every month when you join BESTIES ACTIVATION CLUB:

  • 1 TRAINING on the topic of the month to tackle CLARITY, COURAGE, CONFIDENCE, TAKING ACTION, and many more, so you can bravely kick off that podcast or creative project you've been secretly dreaming of
  • 1 VIRTUAL GROUP MEETUP on Zoom,  so you can check-in, talk things through, know where to start, meet other members, and easily get over stuff that keeps you in the rut.
  • Private SLACK COMMUNITY to connect, ask questions, get support, brainstorm, cheer for each other, and giggle on a daily, so you get plenty of support and don't have to adventure alone. 
  • 1 monthly PDF WORKSHEET that will guide you through the topics we talk about during the calls, so it's fun and easy to follow through and stay on track.
  • Dedicated channel in Slack with resources like videos, tips, and automatic procedures, so it's easy to find exactly what and when you need to.

YOUR INVESTMENT: ONLY $29 $19 /month (Seriously!)

Month to month and can cancel anytime

Take advantage of the FOUNDING MEMBER price. It won't last long.

Besties Activation Club


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This membership is a longer-term and more affordable COVID-inspired adaptation of my 4 week program BESTIES TRYING NEW THINGS. 

Here’s what PAST Members of BESTIES are saying:

Testimonial Besties Activation
Magda Cegielska

Step out of your comfort zone but in a funny way

Even if you think you know yourself - you will discover new things about yourself. You will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone but in a funny way.
I got closer to realizing what I want to do besides my work, that would be me so "mine."

MAGDA CEGIELSKA    //  Finance Director

Testimonial Besties
Amanda Wilms

I can make a change /difference /try new things

I feel encouraged that I can make a change/difference/try new things.

The toolbox that has been shared and provided will be helpful in focussing on reaching tangible goals. Give it a try - you might be surprised by what you can get from it!! 🙂

AMANDA WILMS    //  Real Estate Appraiser

Testimonial Besties Activation Club

YOUR INVESTMENT: ONLY $29 $19 /month

(Month to month and can cancel anytime)


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Domi Hanc

Hello, I’m Dominika, a formerly predictable adult who stopped taking life so seriously and is now in love with my spontaneous, silly adult life.

I was always curious and adventurous and never imagined I’d lose those pieces of myself. But I got sucked into a serious corporate job, waiting for the weekend to live my life. And when the weekend showed up, I was too tired to do anything more exciting than Netflix and laundry.


I finally went on a well-deserved vacation where I tried amazing things that made me feel alive again like taking the front seats in the Splash Mountain ride in Disney World, driving the Overseas Highway through Florida Keys and trying cajun cuisine.

When I was sitting at the airport to fly back home I said, “I wish we didn’t have to go back! I’m going to quit this one day!”

And then I decided I DIDN'T WANT TO WAIT FOR ONE DAY. 

Instead, I boarded the plane toward the sunrise of my badass life and later challenged myself to try 100 NEW THINGS (including floating pods, meditating at 4am, and snow tubing) and it was THE BEST thing I could have done! I started documenting my personal challenge on a blog and social media and I realized I'm not the only one refusing to become another boring adult stuck in a rut.

100 New Things To Try

So I listened closely.  

And I decided to create the BESTIES ACTIVATION CLUB to help WOMEN LIKE YOU get out of the rut so you can rediscover your old adventurous self and LOVE YOUR ADULT LIFE.  

YOUR INVESTMENT: ONLY $29 $19 /month

(Month to month and can cancel anytime)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a full time job and I’m always exhausted on the weekends. How much time will I need to commit to this?

A: You’re exactly where I was when I decided I needed to get out of my routine and mix things up. I made this program with girls like you in mind. Our monthly calls will be 60-90 minutes and available to watch anytime if you can’t make it live. The worksheets are short and sweet and you can jump into the community Slack anytime you want. I’ll be ready with lots of ideas for things you can try that work with your schedule. But, the best part is, trying new things gives you tons of energy so your weekends will feel super exciting. What you don’t have time for is to keep waiting to live your life. Let’s get out there and do it together!

Q: Part of the reason I love bingeing Netflix is because it’s so freaking cheap. Does this program really fit my budget?

A: The cost of this membership is about the same as a blue latte with almond croissant a week. While these might make you feel better for a few hours, I think what you’re really wanting is a little fun and adventure that becomes part of your daily life and changes you on the inside. Trying new things doesn’t have to cost much or anything at all. Actually, all of the things we are going to be trying as a team cost zero dollars. And we can come up with a big thing for you to try that definitely fits your budget. What I suspect you can’t afford is to keep doing the same old sh*t and not totally loving your life.

Q: I’m not sure what big thing I want to try. Should I still join?

A: Totally! You can use the worksheets and monthly calls to decide what your big thing to try will be and create a plan to make it happen. Everyone is different and I made the program in a way that you will be able to try new things each month with the group but also work on something for yourself. It doesn’t have to be huge - just something you want to give a try. We can discover it together and support you in making it happen. Or you may just keep all the tools for later, skip this part for now and still have tons of fun!  No worries. 

More than anything, what I really want for you is to GET OUT OF THE RUT, TRY NEW STUFF, and FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR ADULT LIFE. 

You can find that confident and curious part of yourself again, have fun and really enjoy your life!

HELL YEAH, Girl! - Come on in & let’s freaking do it!

YOUR INVESTMENT: ONLY $29 $19 /month

(Month to month and can cancel anytime)


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