Bed of Nails



You may be thinking “WTF?” But bear with me for a second here!

Here’s the thing: we’ll be moving out of Toronto in a couple of weeks, so we started Marie Kondo-ing our wardrobes. And while doing this, I found Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat (that we used maybe once) and two foam rollers (that I really want to be using regularly, but somehow I don’t). 

Now, It may not be the Bed of Nails for you. Maybe it’s something else. But I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person guilty of buying something and then not using it.
Am I right?

So my challenge for you is: grab whatever you bought and really wanted to use (btw I’m dying to know what that is!) and let’s use the heck out of that for the next 7 days!

What do you say?
Because believe me, I’ll be rolling on the floor a lot in the next few days!

And if you’re thinking…

What’s the Bed Of Nails?

It’s not really a bed. It’s a mat with plastic spikes that you lay on or lean against for a couple of minutes a day. It works a bit like acupressure. And it’s supposed to release stress while increasing energy levels at the same time. It’s even said to cure insomnia and relieve pain. Let’s see how it goes!

This Happened after a week of using my Bed Of Nails

Okay, I'm not going to lie, the first time I used it felt kinda weird. It didn't hurt or anything like that. But the spikes were giving me the sensation of being tickled. And I found it hard to lay on the mat for longer than a few minutes for the first two days.

But then my body got used to it and it started feeling less itchy. And I was finally able to use the mat for 10 minutes. Never without the t-shirt, though. I found this activity relaxing and releasing the tension in my back after the whole day of sitting. Which is not bad. But honestly, I found it very similar to just laying on the floor or doing Savasana pose at the end of the yoga workout. However, I found it kind of cool to step on it and massage my feet. It wasn't very pleasant to stand on the mat, but I found it relaxing after running or doing a HIIT workout.

How about the Foam Rollers?

After using them again, I reminded myself why I stopped using them in the first place. They are not pool noodles - even though some of them look like they are. It's hard work and it hurts even if you do it only for one minute. Not to mention the weird poses you need to take to tackle some of the body areas and tight muscles. Also, expect some bruises and soreness after you use foam rollers for the first few times.

Having said that, I have to admit they do make a difference. Rolling definitely reduces muscle tension, releases the tension in the back, and seems to be smoothing and improving the condition of my skin (you know, evening out that weird layer of fat under the skin). So it looks like a win even if feels like torture!

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