Give trying

new things a try.

Do something for the first time and see where it takes you.

Dare more. Grow yourself. Have Fun.

The fun cards that let you bring more new experiences into your life!

There's more to life than doing the same old crap!

Here's how to get started:

Do Something NEW Deck

THE ORIGINAL and almost legendary deck of cards!

For when you are bored with the same old stuff & want to try new things.

Do Something FUN Deck

THE FUN ONE to play with friends, family, or on your own. 

Perfect for family time, house parties, or a zoom call with friends.

Do Something KIND Deck


Let's make the world
a better place, one act of kindness at a time. 

Fun Things Game 

Another evening at home? Friends coming? Kids bored? Need a good belly laugh? No idea what to do?

Just play this game & have tons of fun!

Yep, I document it all on a blog

Stay up to date & get inspired to try the new things with me.

Hello I'm Dominika.

A formerly predictable adult who stopped taking life so seriously and is now in love with my spontaneous, silly adult life.

It all started with going on vacation!

For way too long, I put on a serious face to be seen as professional and responsible adult waiting for weekends when I could finally "live my life". Only to find out that I'm so tired I can barely think of doing anything more adventurous than Netflix & laundry.

Then I went on vacation where I tried new things (like the Splash Mountain ride in Disney World) that made me feel alive again. When I was sitting at the airport to fly back home, I said, "I wish I didn't have to go back! I'm going to quit this one day!"


Instead, I boarded the plane toward the sunrise of my badass life.

Then I simply challenged myself to TRY 100 THINGS I haven't done before. And that changed everything. 

They Say

More determined to push myself


I am a self proclaimed self-help junkie, and I still learned a ton from Domi and the group program. I can't recommend her enough!

I'm more aware of the ways I hesitate before leaping. This new awareness makes me more determined to push myself.

I truly have done new things.

I've tried new food and tapping.


If you want to really start doing new things, this is the right deck to buy. It's easy to say you want to get out of rut, but sometimes it is hard to start. This deck makes it easy for you to start on some new adventures.

Great quality cards and really interesting and fun ideas that you wouldn't normally think about trying.

Louise Robertson

The cards add a bit of spice or a twist to your day, they bring joy, reflection and even dare you to do things that you would never have thought of doing, but using the cards makes all these things seem possible, tiny little tasks that can lead to bigger things!

Want to create your own deck of cards?

Design, manufacture, sell, and profit from a paper-based, physical product.

Paper Product Based Business

And if you need some cool ideas, download my New Things To Try IDEAS IN THE JAR