Small Acts of Kindness

Leave a note for someone to find

Now more than ever we all need to know that we are not alone. It’s the little things that matter. And a little act of generosity can go a long way. So why not leave a cute little note for someone else to find and make their day.


1. Stores and malls

As these are the places that everyone goes and they usually have a pretty good traffic, you have a chance of your note getting to many people there. 

Here are some of the ideas of where you can leave a note: dressing room mirror, pockets of the clothes you try on but are not buying, washrooms and family rooms, foodcourt tables, bulletin boards...

2. Libraries

This gives me some major movies vibes. But again, you have a chance that your note will be seen by even more than one stranger. Leave a little message between the pages of the book, on the shelf, or on the community bulletin board and bring some smiles to your community members.

3. Office or workspace

Leave a thank you note for a coworker or a motivational message at the coffee station. 

Other places where you could leave an uplifting message could be: washroom's mirrors, copy station, someone's desk, chairs in the meeting room, locker room, coworkers car's windshield...

4. Kitchen

Just imagine your loved ones waking up in the morning to see some cute notes left for them by their favourite mug, on their lunchbox, or even in the fridge.

5. Parking

Obviously, be cautious and safe and best don't approach random cars in some shady parking lots. But it may be a nice little act of kindness to leave a note on the windshield of the car that belong to your partner, children, neighbour or a co-worker.

These are my 5 favourite places to leave an uplifting note for someone to find.

I use cards from my Leave-A-Card Deck, so if you don't want to search for the right words, just get this deck and look for the message that suits you the best! There are 51 different cards to choose from + 3 blank ones for personalized messages.

Leave a card for someone and brighten their day!

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