5 Minutes Visualization

New Thing #16:


I’m listening to “Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the Magic” by Mike Dooley (you know, the guy who sends the Notes from The Universe 😍). And besides the fact that his jokes make me split my drinks all the time, he talks about 5 minutes visualizations. And it totally got me!

I mean – science proves that visualizing boost our happiness, motivation, confidence, and most importantly results. It stimulates exactly the same areas in the brain as actually doing the thing. Bottom line, if it works for national athletes, it may be well worth trying!

Also, it seems just right at the end of the year when we all make big plans for 2019 & we could all use some more happiness just before the Holiday season, am I right?
Plus 5 Minutes Visualizations are so short that I don’t have any excuses not to do it.
And honestly, I believe it’s the easiest new thing to join me on trying something new – so I’m looking at YOU! 🙂

5 Minutes Visualisations How-To

Here are the “rules” he describes in the book (you can also find them on his blog BTW):

  1. VISUALIZE ONCE A DAY 👍 (so you won’t go living in the future too much)
  2. NO LONGER THAN 5-10 MINUTES ⏰ (so you can actually hold it)
  3. IMAGINE VIVID DETAILS 🥳(sounds, smells, colors, conversations, etc.)
  4. FEEL THE EMOTION 🥰(this is the clue)
  5. BE IN THE CENTER 🙋🏻‍♀️ (see it from the 1st person position)
  6. SEE IT AS IT’S ALREADY DONE ✅(don’t let the “HOWs” slow you down)

That’s it!

So I’m choosing 5 things I want to happen in 2019 & I’m going to hold each of the visuals for 1 minute — five minutes in total.
I’ll see how it goes for a week. I’ll make it shorter if that’s too hard.

Do you visualize your future? What works for you?
And most importantly, are you joining me? It’s only 5 minutes! C’mon!

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