Five Love Languages



Did you know that there are 5 different love languages?
So your love language may be as foreign to your loved ones as Dothraki is even to the biggest GoT fans!
And that's huge! Just imagine if Khaleesi didn't learn Dothraki and couldn't speak a single word to Khal Drogo.
That would be a nightmare! 
And yet it happens all the time in real life.

The emotional love language we use may not be understood by our nearest and dearest.
Like you are expressing love, but it doesn't come through.

Because apparently, people can speak totally different love languages.

Luckily, there's a short 5 Love Languages test you can take to change that.
It's free. It's online. You get the results right away.

And you don't have to be in a romantic relationship while taking it. Because love language is more than that.
- It may help you understand why your grandpa keeps buying you gifts even if you don't want him to.
- Or why your mom always tell you how smart, beautiful, and amazing you are.
- Or why your dad keeps fixing all your household stuff whenever he comes to visit.
These are all love languages!

5 Love Languages


Words of Affirmation

Verbal compliments, saying "I love you", words of encouragement.


Quality Time

Being there, focused attention, quality conversation.


Receiving Gifts

It's about thoughtfulness & effort behind the gift.


Acts of Service

Helping with tasks & responsibilities.


Physical Touch

Physical presence, hugs, holding hands, thoughtful touches.

Ready to take the test? 

P.S. My love language is Quality Time. Let me know what's yours!

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