Ideas in The Jar


The fun way to bring more new experiences into your life

Get this list of ideas for the days when you feel BORED with the same old stuff, but are too EXHAUSTED to think of anything more fancy than Netflix & laundry!

It's like an Emergency Box, only you don't need to break the glass, and it's FUN AF!

how does it work?

It's super simple! All you need is access to a printer & an empty jar.

  • 1
    DOWNLOAD the list of IDEAS IN THE JAR in the PDF form
  • 2
    PRINT it out & CUT out along the lines
  • 3
    PLACE the paper slips IN A JAR
  • 4
    Optional: ADD your own ideas (things you want to do but keep putting off for "someday", like those floating pods you've been eying for a while.)
  • 5
    PICK one slip of paper whenever you need inspiration for something new to try (like every weekend) & DO WHAT IT SAYS! No excuses whatsoever!
Ideas in the Jar